Let’s Talk About Hair

Published: 20 . 03 . 2017

Okay, so let’s talk about home hair care and why it’s so important for all you babes out there to use salon branded / professional brands only.
I know sometimes it’s not in everyone’s budget or main priority to use professional brands BUT if you’re going to spend hundreds on your hair colour why wouldn’t you want to spend an extra $10-$20 on products you know are going to look after both your hair and colour.
I’m not going to use big fancy words to try and explain / educate you all, as all hairdressers need our clients to understand why it is so important for you to understand and be honest with what is being used on your hair.
17494057_1137726816357180_5719173009630035968_nWhat a lot of clients don’t know is unprofessional brand shampoos ARE NOT GOOD for your hair or hair colour.
Unprofessional brands contain a certain type of silicone. These silicones build up on the hair over time and then when it comes time to colouring your hair a lovely thing called a “chemical reaction” happens.
…and yep, it’s as bad as it sounds. When bleach & this silicone come in contact with one another a chemical reaction is caused, including: hair breakage, hair damage, extreme heat & I’m talking HOT, colour lifts uneven, toners unable to deposit correctly, immediate colour fade, oh and did i mention hair breakage?



When colouring a client in the salon and we notice a chemical reaction begin (not having the full knowledge of what’s been used on the hair) we are forced to rinse the colour out immediately, leaving your hair under-processed and not the desired colour you came in for.
We cannot stress enough how important it is to be honest with your hairdresser with what you use on your hair – because we care.
Please NEVER be mad if your hairdresser says they can’t do your hair due to using unprofessional products, they are only doing what’s best for your hair & wanting to give you the best results whilst leaving the hair in the best condition possible. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference investing in your hair.




Full creds go to Jess Lewis for15803532_1710268202636216_5144672308601815040_a

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