Will my images be airbrushed or retouched?

Yes, gentle & natural retouching is included on all your favourite images. 

We can soften laughter lines, remove blemishes & brighten the area under your eyes

We’ll make sure you look your very best, most amazing, natural self (we’re all women, so we know exactly what areas to highlight)

Who will be in the studio during my session?

The Boudoir Studio is run by an all-female team (ie: no boys allowed!!).

After your Hair & Makeup Artist has worked her magic, you will move through into your Boudoir Studio. Throughout your shoot, the only people present will be your personal Photographer & your Stylist.

I’m proudly single – Can I still have a Boudoir Shoot?

Of course you can!!

We absolutely believe that Boudoir should be done for you. Boudoir images make an amazing gift for your partner, but we also truly believe that every woman who comes into the studio should be doing it for herself – to reinforce how totally gorgeous she is!!

Ask any man, and we guarantee he will say that confidence is one of the most sexy attributes a woman can have!!

Do you have lingerie or outfits for me to wear?

We do have a small selection of fabrics, accessories & props in the studio for you, however we don’t supply any lingerie, outfits or clothes.

These images are yours, so you need to feel like your most confident & sensual self during the session. We don’t want you to wear the same clothes or lingerie that our other clients wear; We want your images to be 100% unique.

So we encourage you to bring along anything of yours that will help make you feel incredible during your session. We’ll chat with you before your shoot, to brainstorm some ideas & help you with your outfit choices.

Can I bring my hubby / boyfriend / sister / bestie?

Short Answer: Yes & No.

We understand that this experience can be quite intimidating & you may want to bring along your support team on the day, however we strongly advise against this. In some circumstances, we will allow one of your girlfriends to come along for support, but we’ve found in our experience that if you have spectators watching you during the shoot, you won’t be able to fully relax. We will be giving you direction & guidance throughout your entire Boudoir experience, so it can be very distracting to have an extra pair of eyes in the studio (especially if you’re barely dressed & they are fully clothed, it can become intimidating).

This is why we highly recommend not having spectators attend your session.

Alternatively, why don’t you book a session to include your best girlfriend, or your partner & have a shoot at the same time?

Then you can both enjoy the experience together, without worrying about keeping someone else amused, or feeling like you’re on display!

Who will see my photos? Will they be put on your website?

Privacy & security are extremely important to us when it comes to Boudoir Sessions!!

Boudoir images will reveal a very intimate & private side of a woman, so it is of the utmost importance that you feel completely comfortable with the process.

None of your images will ever be seen by anyone other than yourself, and our professional all-female team.

We will never (ever) publish any images online unless given direct permission by you.
Our job is to make you feel totally gorgeous & confident!

How long is the whole process? When do I get my images?

Your Boudoir Shoot can range from 1-4 hours (depending on which Collection you choose). After the shoot, your images are processed, and are ready for viewing around 1 week later.

The Viewing Session is held in our Boudoir-Style Theatre Room, and normally takes around an hour. Following this, your images should be ready to take home in approximately 4 weeks.

Can I purchase my images on a disc? I don’t want them out on display for all to see.

Short answer: No

We completely understand that you may prefer to keep these images as private as possible, so we have created a wide range of album, print & private presentation options for this purpose.

There are a number of reasons why we don’t offer your images in purely digital format. 

Firstly – We photograph Boudoir Images for your personal use only, and don’t want our images to be made available for any commercial purposes.

Secondly – Making women look & feel incredible is our passion. There’s a lot of time that goes into creating beautiful imagery, including our time with you before the shoot (we want to make sure you feel the most confident & relaxed, & it helps us ensure we capture the most fabulous images for YOU), the time during your session (including Hair & Makeup), preparing & processing images for your Viewing, and finally, retouching, perfecting & producing the ultimate archival-quality images for you!

At this stage, if we were to simply put them onto a disc, for printing at any number of potentially low-quality places, all the effort and passion put into creating your artworks would be wasted.

If you are taking the time, making the effort & gifting yourself a Boudoir Session, this is something you will treasure for life. It’s a milestone & a high-five to yourself to say “Hey, I’m totally gorgeous. Go me!!”

In 20 years, we still want you to feel gorgeous, every time you see these high-quality, professional images on your bedroom wall, or in your beautifully presented album.

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate professional experience for you, and that is what you will receive =D

What are these “Facebook-Ready Images” I keep reading about?

Facebook-Ready Images are low-resolution digital copies of any images that are purchased as hard copy prints. These are available as an upgrade for you to add to your Collection at any time.

We understand that nowadays, many families & couples are facing long-distance relationships, or frequent travel, so it’s really lovely to have the option of taking your gorgeous artwork with you when you’re away (as a daily high-five to your gorgeous self), or sending it to your Other Half to make the distance seem that little bit smaller.

Are all the ladies in your gallery models?

The only models we feature are those in the “Models & Performers” Gallery.

All our Boudoir Galleries feature REAL WOMEN!! These are all clients who have come to us for empowering & unique Boudoir Photography, and have given us permission to use their image on our website.

This proves that no matter your size, age, or background, every woman is beautiful!!

Can I have something a bit different? Ie: Erotic, Fetish or Full Nude?

Absolutely! We love helping you explore different sides of your sensuality!

We’ve had lots of experience photograph ladies & couples who want to explore these genres of Boudoir.

Verge will not participate in anything that does not serve to empower women. We love to help capture images that make you feel beautiful; however extremes (such as S&M or Pornography) counteract our reason for capturing gorgeous Boudoir Imagery.

Rule of Thumb: If it’s not ‘artistic’ & empowering, then we can’t help you.

I would like more images than are included in my chosen Collection. Can I add more?

Of course! There are no maximums or minimums with your images. We’d be happy to discuss all your options with you either before your shoot, or at your Viewing Session.

Have a look through the Optional Upgrades on the Collections Page for more info!

What if I don’t like my images?

This is highly unlikely, however we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy in any way.

We will happily re-shoot your Boudoir Session, and if you’re still not happy, we will refund your entire shoot fee. That’s how confident we are that you will fall in love with your Boudoir Images! =D

Do I need to know how to pose?

Not at all. Whether you’re super-experienced, or this is your first time in front of a camera, you don’t need to worry.

You will be guided throughout your entire session by your Photographer & Stylist, who will ensure the most figure-flattering angles, and poses that best suit your style of Boudoir, enhancing your most amazing features!

Do you offer Boudoir Photography for Business purposes?

If you are in need of some sensual images for your business, website or other commercial purpose, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements, as this is a different classification of Boudoir Photography, which we will mould to your specific needs.

What happens after my Boudoir Shoot?

Around 1 week following your Boudoir Session, the images are ready for Viewing in our luxurious Theatre Room. This is when you can see all your amazing images for the first time, and choose all your favourites. At that time, we’ll discuss editing requirements & presentation options, to ensure your final product is exactly what you want.
Images are usually ready within 2-4 weeks following your Viewing Session.

After collection of your beautiful products, all your images are archived, so that if you would like to see them again in the future, they are still here waiting for you =)

How do I prepare for my Boudoir Session?

We’ll discuss the best ways to prepare for your Boudoir Experience with you, prior to your session, but good guidelines to follow include:

  • Have your hair trimmed & coloured no less than 3 days before your Boudoir Session (don’t try anything new & drastic with your hair – This is not the time to experiment).
  • Take care of your nails, skin & hair in the month approaching your Session, as these can make or break your images!
  • Be prepared at least a week ahead of time, to avoid any last minute surprises.
  • Drink a LOT of water for at least 12-24 hours prior to your session – this is VITAL.

For more tips on how to prepare for your very own Boudoir Session, please out our Blog

Can I have more than one look during my Session?

Yes absolutely. This is an Optional Upgrade available to add to your Collection, which involves a different hair & makeup look halfway through your shoot! Please see the Boudoir Collections page for more details.

How old do I need to be to have a Boudoir Session?

Boudoir Sessions are only available for people aged 18+.

I’m Ready!! How do I Book my Boudoir Session?

Fantastic! Simply go to the Booking Page!

We will be in touch when we receive your booking request. In the meantime, please feel free to call us any time!

Do you offer other styles of Photography?

Yes, absolutely!

Still have questions?

Give us a call & we’d be happy to chat with you to answer any queries or concerns you might have.

What’s Your Cancellation Policy?

As our sessions are often in high demand & we frequently have a waiting list for session times (especially on weekends and in peak season), unfortunately if you postpone or cancel your photo shoot within 48 hours, a $75 cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel or postpone your session within 24 hours (including non-attendance), your full session fee will still be required, unless otherwise specified by Verge Studio, payable within 7 days.

We do our very best to respect your time & preparation for your session begins well before your scheduled arrival time, so we ask that you please be respectful of our time & that of other clients who might have wanted your time slot!

By booking a session with Verge Studio, you agree to the above conditions. Thank you =D